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Forest Rose Cemetery

Cemetery Department Main Office, 1238 N Columbus St, Lancaster, OH 43130

  • Christopher Embich, Jr.:  Born   11/07/1756   Lancaster County, Pennsylvania 

      Died  07/23/1837   Lancaster, Fairfield County, Ohio 

     SAR #   154498                  

     DAR #   A204607

     Patriotic Service: Private in Captains Snively, Ott, and Aldenbrook’s Companies in           Colones Grubs and Greenwalt’s Pennsylvania Regiments. Signed Oath of

     Allegiance. Paid Supply tax  1779.

     GPS Coordinates:   39.7307/-82.6015


  • William Rigby:   Born   00/00/1753   Calvert County, Maryland   

     Died   03/12/1830   Hocking Township, Fairfield County, Ohio

     SAR #   279184                

     DAR #   A096598

     Patriotic Service:  Sergeant 6th Maryland Regiment of the Continental Line

     GPS  Coordinates:   39.7323/-82.6034

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