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New Salem Methodist Cemetery 

New Salem Rd

  • David Buffington:  Born   00/00/1762   Virginia  

     Died   10/06/1836   Fairfield County, Ohio

     SAR #   124408                 

     DAR #   A016680

     Patriotic Service: Private in Captain Kirkpatrick’s Company in             Colonel Gaskin’s & Febiger’s Virginia Regiment of the Continental         Line. Enlisted 05/00/1781.

     GPS Coordinates: 


  • George Hill:  Born   00/00/1758   Loc. UNK  

     Died   02/27/1814   Fairfield County, Ohio

     SAR #   181373                  

     DAR #   No record or possible application conflict

     Patriotic Service:  Took Oath of Allegiance 00/00/1778. Private and       Farrier and Light Dragoon in 2nd Troop, Lee’s Legion Continental       Army.

     GPS Coordinates: 39.846746/-82.471270

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