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Dutch Hollow Church?

No Address Provided

  • Andrew Barr: Born 00/00/1740 Ireland

     Died 12/00/1815 Fairfield County, Ohio
     SAR # 109536
     DAR # A006606
     Patriotic Service: Private in 2nd Company, 1st Battalion Lt. Colonel
     Gardner’s Pennsylvania Militia Regiment. Took Oath of Allegiance
     GPS Coordinates: 39.6469/-82.7901

  • Samuel Leist: Born 00/00/1755 Loc. UNK

     Died 00/00/1849 Fairfield County, Ohio
     SAR # 335915
     DAR # 00000000
     Patriotic Service: Private Pennsylvania Troops
     GPS Coordinates: 39.6469/-82.7901

  • Peter Bobbenmeier: Born 04/02/1749 Northampton, Pennsylvania

     Died 04/04/1817 Fairfield County, Ohio
     SAR # 116945
     DAR # A011623
     Patriotic Service: Private in Captain Koocken’s Company in Colonel
     Breinig’s Militia Battery after 10/22/1777 at the Battle of Red Bank along the
     Delaware River at Gloucester County, New Jersey. Enlisted at Billingsport
     On 11/05/1777 marched to the frontier to defend Fort Mercer and Fort
     Mifflin. Defended against the Indians between 1781 – 1782.
     GPS Coordinates: Unknown

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