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Memorial Signs






In 2022 the Hocking Valley Chapter decided to take on a huge project that covers five (5) counties under its active jurisdiction to mark the graves of over 300 patriots and place signage at 134 cemeteries with patriot burials within these counties of Fairfield, Licking, Perry, Hocking, and Knox. The cemetery sign idea originated with the George Washington Chapter, Pennsylvania Society Sons of the American Revolution in a Zoom meeting with the Ohio Society in early 2022. The Hocking Valley Chapter immediately embraced this idea as a worthy project with the approach of America's 250th Anniversary in declaring independence and decided to also include marking the graves of patriots buried within these cemeteries.


The signs will tell visitors to these various cemeteries that patriots of the American Revolution are buried within, and will give the names and known birth and death years of the patriots in each particular cemetery. A unique QR Code on each sign that visitors can scan will display further information on the patriot's biography, service, and if known, the GPS coordinates of the patriot gravesite within the cemetery.


In mid-2023 the Hocking Valley Chapter was awarded a grant by the South Central Power Company Foundation to fund the project in its first year for four (4) of the counties it services. The fifth county (Knox) was recently added by the chapter and will be funded separately. The chapter may reapply each year until the project is completed, the goal being no later than the end of 2026. Chapter members are grateful to the South Central Power Company for its patriotic generosity which will allow more time to focus on research and cemetery work, saving time from fundraising efforts.


The Hocking Valley Chapter encourages you to visit any of these cemeteries to honor and remember our Patriots of the American Revolution.


250th Rev War Design SAR.jpg

Polished black granite epoxied onto cement landscape bricks with laser-etched SAR symbols will be used to mark the known gravesites of every patriot buried in five (5) counties.

The Patriot Cemetery Signs will have illustrations of Revolutionary War soldiers, the names, birth and death years of the patriots buried in the particular cemetery, and a QR code visitors can scan to get patriot biographies and grave GPS coordinates.


Fairfield County

         Richland Twp.

       ClearCreek Twp.

  • Dutch Hollow Cemetery

  • Nigh Cemetery

  • Old/New Conrad Cemetery

         Madison Twp.

  • Old German Lutheran

  • Mt. Carmel Clearport

         Pleasant Twp.

  • Baptist Corners Cemetery

  • Tent Church Cemetery

  • Keller Cemetery

  • Zeigler Emanuel Lutheran

  • Pleasant Hill Methodist

          Hocking Twp.

  • Mt. Zion Church

  • Schladel Cemetery

  • Reigel Hedges Cemetery

         Liberty Twp.

  • St. Michaels Church

         Bern Twp.

  • Collins Chapel

  • Stuckey Cemetery

  • Reams Cemetery

  • Carpenters Koontz

  • Tarklin Cemetery

    Lancaster Cemeteries

  • Elmwood Cemetery

  • Forest Ross Cemetery

  • Applegate Cemetery

     Lancaster Parks

  • Fire House Park

       Bloom Twp.

  • Greencaste

  • Glick Cemetery

  • Lithopolis

  • Old Betzer

      Greenfield Twp.

  • Hopewell/Markwood Cemetery

  • Newkirk

  • Hooker-Wells

  • Baugher Cemetery

  • Graybill Cemetery

      Rushcreek Twp.

  • Mt. Zion (Breman)

  • Thompson Cemetery

  • Ruffner Friends Cemetery

  • Fast Cemetery

  • Pleasant Hill (Rushville)

  • Grandview (Rushville)

  • Bethel Cemetery

       Walnut Twp.

  • New Salem Methodist 

  • Geiger

  • McNamee

  • Fletcher Chapel

  • Fairfield Baptist

  • New Salem (North of New Salem)

        Amanda Twp.

  • Turkey Run Baptist

  • Royalton Cemetery

Hocking County

  • Old Smith cemetery

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