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Mount Zion United Methodist Church Cemetery

Hocking Twp. Drinkle Rd SW

  • Joshua Critchfield:  Born   05/27/1753   Sussex, New Jersey  

     Died   06/08/0842   Fairfield County, Ohio

     SAR #    041160                

     DAR #   A027864

     Patriotic Service:  Private Maryland Troops. Received Pension in 1833

     GPS Coordinates: 39.67271/-82.669373


  • John Cross: Born   05/00/1762   Loc. UNK  

     Died   04/22/1847   Fairfield County, Ohio

     SAR #   141605                 

     DAR #   A028138

     Patriotic Service: Private in Captain Parson’s Company in Colonel William           Washington’s  3rd Virginia Regiment of Dragoons.

     GPS Coordinates:  39.7106/-82.7049

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