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Betzer Cemetery 

4025 Pickerington Rd, Carroll, OH 43112

  • Heinrich Reinhardt Alspach, Sr.:  Born    09/24/1739   Barks County, Pennsylvania 

     Died   06/15/1822   Fairfield County, Ohio 

     SAR #   103055                 

     DAR #   A002034

     Patriotic Service: Private in 8th Class in Captain Will’s Company Pennsylvania             Militia.  Paid Supply tax, 1799, 1780, 1781. Pennsylvania

     GPS Coordinates: 39.791100/-82.739700


  • Johann Jacob Alspach:   Born   10/23/1751   Berks County, Pennsylvania

     Died   11/03/1815   Greencastle, Fairfield County, Ohio 

     SAR #   103061                  

     DAR #   No Record or possible application conflict

     Patriotic Service:  Private 4th Class, 7th Company, 3rd Battalion  Berks County             Pennsylvania Militia.

     GPS Coordinates:   39.7904/-82.7377


  • Michael Alspach:  Born   10/23/1748   Windsor Castle, Berks County, Pennsylvania  

     Died   10/09/1836    Greencastle, Fairfield County, Ohio

     SAR #   103065                 

     DAR #   00000000

     Patriotic Service: Lieutenant Pennsylvania Troops

     GPS Coordinates:39.790416/-82.737586


  • George Peter Robenolt, Sr.:  Born   00/00/1752    Bucks County, Pennsylvania  

     Died   02/20/1824   Bloom Township, Fairfield County, Ohio 

     SAR #   279846                 

     DAR #   00000000

     Patriotic Service: Pennsylvania Militia

     GPS Coordinates:   39.7905/-82.7375


  • John Shlife:   Born   09/11/1756   Bucks County, Pennsylvania  

     Died   10/15/1834   Carroll, Fairfield County, Ohio

     SAR#:   000000

     DAR#:   000000

     Patriotic Service:  Private in Captain Phillip Graybill’s Company German Regiment       1776 – 1779.  Enlisted in Baltimore County,  Maryland. Participated in the battles of       Trenton, Princenton, Brandywine, Germantown, and Monmouth. Appears on the             Muster Rolls of Washington’s Troops at Valley Forge.

     GPS Coordinates:   39.7905/-82.7375

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