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Reigel Hedges

Hocking Twp. 3650 Lancaster-Circleville Rd SW, Lancaster, OH 43130

  • Jacob Burton:  Born   02/28/1762   St. Mary’s County, Maryland  

     Died   01/16/1844   Lancaster, Fairfield County, Ohio

     SAR #      126125              

     DAR #   A019741

     Patriotic Service:  Private in Captain Maroney’s Maryland Flying Camp

     GPS Coordinates:  39.7193/-82.6682


  • George Kiger:   Born   00/00/1760   Loc. UNK  

     Died   00/00/0000   Fairfield County, Ohio

     SAR#:   262439

     DAR#:   000000

     Patriotic Service:  Private   Pennsylvania

     GPS Coordinates:


  • Michael Oswalt, Sr.:   Born   00/00/1758   Bedford, Pennsylvania

     Died   09/30/1838   Fairfield County, Ohio

     SAR #:   00000000

     DAR #:   00000000

     Patriotic Service:   Private in Lieutenant Colonel Thomas’s 2nd Battalion Bedford               County Pennsylvania Regiment. Also served as a volunteer Lieutenant 1st Class under           Cornelious DeVore in Bedford, Pennsylvania

     GPS Coordinates:   39.7192/-82.6681

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