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St. Michaels Church

2495 Bickel Church Rd NW, Baltimore, OH 43105

  • Peter Ruach:  Born   00/00/1763   Loc. UNK  

     Died   00/00/1819   Baltimore, Fairfield County, Ohio

     SAR #    275816                  

     DAR #   A094765

     Patriotic Service: Private in Captain John Morritz’s Company 4, 2nd Battalion,                     Northampton County Militia. 1777 – 1778.  Mustered out   05/14/1778   at age of 15.

     The 2nd Battalion of Northampton County was part of George Washington’s

     Philadelphia Campaign. Rauch was a member of the 6th Class and was called into action       on 10/23/1777, about 6 weeks after the Battle of Brandywine, but before the battle of

     White Marsh. During Rauch’s enlistment members of the militia worked at

     The Allentown Armory guarded stores, assisted with the defense of Fort Mifflin and               Mercer, built redoubts, and participated in the Battle of White Marsh

     and other small skirmishes.

     GPS Coordinates:   39.8729/-82.6927


  • Paul Hively:   Born   09/18/1762   York County, Pennsylvania  

     Died   01/29/1827   Fairfield County, Ohio

     SAR #:  182403

     DAR #:   A202582

     Patriotic Service:   Private in Captain Aquila Wiley’s Company Pennsylvania Militia

     GPS Coordinates:   39.8729/-82.6328

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