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Stevenson-Ruffner Cemetery

Richland Twp. 7490 Thornville Rd NE, Thornville, OH 43076

  • Daniel Stevenson, Sr.:   Born   09/02/1737   Baltimore County, Maryland  

     Died   09/03/1827   Fairfield County, Ohio

     SAR #    297610                

     DAR #   A109218

     Patriotic Service: Enlisted 090//01778 as Private in

     Captain John Patterson’s Company of Foot in Colonel          

     Walter Stewart’s 2nd Pennsylvania Regiment

     GPS Coordinates:  39.7865/-82.4589


  • Edward Teal:  Born   03/24/1737    Baltimore County, Maryland  

     Died   00/00/1822   Fairfield County, Ohio

     SAR #   302682                 

     DAR #   A113235

     Patriotic Service:  Captain in Colonel Otho Williams 1st Maryland Regiment

     GPS Coordinates:  39.7864/-82.458298


  • John Stevenson:   Born   12/10/1766   Maryland  

    Died   05/20/1843   Fairfield County, Ohio

    SAR#:   000000

    DAR#:   000000

    Patriotic Service:   Private in Captain Samuel Griffith’s

    Company of Regular Forces in the 3rd Battalion commanded by Colonel Mordecai Gist.

    GPS Coordinates:   39.7865/-82.4589

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