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Tent Church Cemetery 

Pleasant Twp. 

  • Charles McClung:  Born   09/27/1761   Loc. UNK  

     Death   08/19/1810   Fairfield County, Ohio

     SAR #     244059               

     DAR #   A075162

     Patriotic Service:   Private in Captain Samuel McGrady’s detachment of 6 and 7       months men Northumberland County Pennsylvania Militia. Ranger.

     GPS Coordinates:  39.7486/-82.4820


  • William Wilson:  Born   04/17/1755   Frederick County, Maryland  

     Died   12/06/1821   Fairfield County, Ohio

     SAR #   334140                  

     DAR #   A127903

     Patriotic Service:  Private in Captain Taggart’s Bedford County Pennsylvania           Militia 

     GPS Coordinates:  39.7486/-82.4820


  • William Brown:  Born   00/00/1751   Ireland  

     Died   03/02/1828   Lancaster, Fairfield County, Ohio

     SAR#:  337143 

     DAR#:  A015963

     Patriotic Service:  Paid Supply tax 178. Enlisted in Westmoreland County,                 Pennsylvania as a Private in the Pennsylvania Militia

     GPS Coordinates:    39.7487/-82.4820


  • Robert McTeer:   Born   09/15/1741   Scotland  

     Died   04/08/1811   Fairfield County, Ohio

     SAR#:   243807

     DAR#:   A076516

     Patriotic Service:   Captain of 8th Company 4th Battalion Cumberland County           Pennsylvania Militia

     GPS Coordinates:  39.7486/-82.4820

  • John Beatty:  (P-111775) Born 1757, Died 1823

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