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Thompson Cemetery 


  • William Shaw:  Born   00/00/0000   Loc. UNK  

      Died   02/13/1821   Fairfield County, Ohio  

      SAR #   288169                 

      DAR #   A102224

      Patriotic Service: Private in Captain Hugh McAllister’s Company in Lt. Colonel James Johnston’s 1st              Battalion Cumberland County Pennsylvania Militia. Paid supply tax in 1780.

      GPS Coordinates:   39.7449/-82.4417


  • William Thompson:   Born   11/08/1744   Pennsylvania  

      Died   11/08/1811   Rushcreek Township, Fairfield County, Ohio

      SAR #    304472                

      DAR #    A134532

      Patriotic Service: Private in Captain Samuel Lemmon’s Company in 5th & 6th Battalions Cumberland            County Pennsylvania Associators and Militia  

      GPS Coordinates:   39.7450/-82.4419


  • Samuel Work:   Born   00/00/1752   Belfast, County Down, Northern Ireland  

      Died   01/00/1817   Rushville, Fairfield County, Ohio

      SAR #    324744                

      DAR #    A130469

      Patriotic Service:  Private in Captains Samuel Evans and London Brittain’s Companies in the Chester            County Pennsylvania Militia

      GPS Coordinates:  39.7450/-82.4418

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