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Zeigler Cemetery

County Rd 76 and Marqette Dr. NE

  • Abraham Bope: Born 07/10/1763 Rockingham County, Virginia

Died 07/17/1826 Fairfield County, Ohio
SAR # 117803
DAR # 00000000
Patriotic Service: Private Virginia was Present at the Surrender

of Cornwallis at Yorktown.
GPS Coordinates: 39.7833/-82.5770

  • John Philip Kemmerer: Born 04/10/1759 Lancaster County,

Pennsylvania Died 04/13/1827 Fairfield County, Ohio
SAR # 257692
DAR # A064454
Patriotic Service: Private in Captain Thomas Robinson’s 8th Company in
Lt. Colonel Jacob Cook’s 4th Battalion, Lancaster County Pennsylvania
GPS Coordinates: 39.7833/-82.5772

  • John Nicholas Radebaugh Sr.: Born 12/04/1752 Bern Township,

Berks County, Pennsylvania
Died 02/05/1850 Pleasant Township, Fairfield County, Ohio

SAR # 274922
DAR # A094768
Patriotic Service: Private in Captain Sebastion Emerich’s Company in
Colonel Joseph Heister’s Berks County, Pennsylvania Militia
GPS Coordinates: 39.7883/-82.3488

  • John Zeagler: Born 00/00/1756 Loc. UNK (Probably Pennsylvania)

Died 04/23/1817 Fairfield County, Ohio
SAR#: 000000
DAR#: 000000
Patriotic Service: Private Pennsylvania
GPS Coordinates: Unknown

  • William Gessell: Born 00/00/1745 Loc. UNK

Died 05/15/1823 Fairfield County, Ohio
SAR#: 341047
DAR#: 000000
Patriotic Service: Private in Captain John Ashton’s Company 3rd Battalion
Lancaster County Pennsylvania Militia
GPS Coordinates: 39.7833/-82.5772

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